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DNC Filter

With DNCFilter, you can ensure the numbers that you wanted to call/SMS out will not be registered in the DNC Registry.


DNC Filter

This Is Why You Need DNC Call Filtering For Your Enterprise

Automatic DNC Compliance

SpiderGate automatically checks phone numbers against the DNC registry when you make a call or send an SMS, removing the need to check the registry manually for greater ease of compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Dual Purpose Filtering

SpiderGate can be configured to check against your company's internal blacklist at the same time, and restrict voice calls/SMS accordingly. PDPA-compliant and internal filtering can be carried out at the same time.

Compatibility With IP-PBX Systems

SpiderGate can be incorporated into IP-PBX systems, which makes it easy to add call filtering functionality to your company's pre-existing phone systems.

Mobile Call Filtering

SpiderGate is available on iOS and Android mobile devices, ensuring that DNC call filtering functionality is available for call agents outside of the office.

Ease of Compliance

SpiderGate comes equipped with a Compliance Module for use by Data Protection Officers (DPOs), providing a clear audit trail which DPOs can use to ensure full compliance with the DNC registry.

Easy Management of Blacklist

SpiderGate's Compliance Module also makes it easy for DPOs to manage your company's blacklist, as they can use it to add blacklisted numbers promptly in response to complaints and requests.

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