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Captivate your business audience with live chat and improve conversion rates and customer relations. Agents can engage in concurrent live chat sessions with multiple customers, thereby speedily resolving customer queries with standard responses containing common replies, instructions, and solutions

With faster customer support and improved conversion rates, your customer base, and bottom line will continue to grow.


Live Chat

Live Chat is a new and creative way to engage, assist and communicate with your consumers over a customizable and powerful web based instant messaging system. If your customer cannot find the available help they require on your website, they can simply click on a "Live Chat" button or tab which immediately opens a chat with an agent.


Easy Access

You can also generate codes for more than one button so that if you wish you route chats to specific departments, such as technical support, billing, or to specific language speakers. Within the administration environment, you can also control how many concurrent Live Chat's your agents can individually have open in order to optimize workflows.


Customizable Registration Screen

Clicking on the "Live Chat" button grants you option to generate a registration screen for customers before they start chatting. This screen can be completely customized based on your discretion by adding logos; information fields or completely rebrand layouts with selected themes.


Global Search Tool

This function allows users to find all chats including those which are not connected to a ticketing number. In addition, it grants the agent with customer identification with information such as their name, contact and email details. Agents can then address the customer with pre-written standard responses.


Transfer Chats

If a customer requires specialized assistance, you can transfer the Live Chat to a subject-matter expert. Your customers can also request a transcript of the conversation, which gives them added confidence and can be used if there are any miscommunications in the future. This is all done without having to put anyone on hold, having to call anyone back, and in real time.


After-Hours Support

If your helpdesk is only open during certain hours of business, Live Chat will prompt the customer to leave a message on the system interface. This message will be converted into an email which becomes readily available for the first agent when he/she logs in.


Flawless Integration

Live Chat's deployment simply requires inserting a Java-script code into your website's HTML. Our email and helpdesk system known as FocalScope, will automatically generate and provide codes which your web-design can easily integrate into your site. For more information on Helpdesk systems for your organizational needs, please visit Alternatively, drop us an email at or contact us at +65 6227 1149 and one of friendly representatives will gladly assist you.

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