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Being able to bring out the full potential of your employees and build a strong relationship with your customers is key to the success of an organization. FocalScope was designed and tested to consider the needs of small and large companies alike in a wide range of industries, and it comes with powerful features and smart tools that make it the ideal email ticketing and live chat solution.

Personal and Team Email

FocalScope manages both individual and departmental emails within a single system. It can be configured to sort incoming emails into the respective individual and group folders accordingly, according to preset routing rules and email accounts. This makes for better organization of emails, and helps to improve the efficiency of your team.

Here are the Key Roles Played by a Helpdesk Email Ticketing System


Email Ticket States

Labelling emails appropriately is key to the satisfactory resolution of tickets. FocalScope allows you to tag individual emails with the standard "open", "on hold" and "closed" states to mark their current status and level of priority. You may also use customized ticket states which are relevant to the workflow of your organization.


Ticket Ownership

Tickets can be manually or automatically assigned to any of your agents, depending on their availability and/or skillsets. This makes it clear which agents are responsible for each ticket, staving off any possible misunderstandings in the course of the workday.


Standard Response Templates

Pre-written emails are available to facilitate prompt, consistent responses for high volumes of customer enquiries. Automatic responses can also be configured to response to customers with solutions and miscellaneous information outside of office hours.


Internal Notes

Keep your agents informed of the latest developments in each ticket which are not visible to customers, and avoid cumbersome forward emails and carbon copies. Instructions, extra information, and comments can be detailed in internal notes, attached directly to each ticket.


Service Level Agreements

FocalScope comes with an SLA engine capable of handling multiple profiles at once. This offers the option of combining SLAs with work-hour profiles which are useful for calculating ticket aging and ticket escalation routines, enhancing the credibility and bottom line of your organization.



Ticket categories make it possible to locate and identify different types of emails as necessary. Categories can be customized based on differentiated criteria for easier searching, greatly streamlining daily email communications.



FocalScope comes with a built-in integration module, allowing you to archive emails and Live Chat sessions directly into your CRM system. It also comes with a number of APIs, which can be used to create pipelines to third-party systems for the purposes of automating inter-system information lookups.

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