Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration

Combining Application programming interfaces with Microsoft Windows, we are able to provide computer and telephony integration systems. This allows the control of telephony functions between a computer and telephone network for voice calls and data transfer.


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Exchange Rates

The Telephony systems integrates with exchange rates to send automated voice commands of conversion rates listed on the Forex market. These systems allow users to key in their preferred currency exchange and immediately acquire the figures.

Automated Answering Integration

Customers can call into a hotline and check their personal details such as appointments, payment due dates, scheduled interviews as well as meeting timings. The automated systems can also inform customers of promotions and special benefits.

Intelligent Call Routing

Based on caller ID, calls can be redirected to a dedicated Agent who has the expertise on a certain topic. The system allocates different categories so that customers are ale to press a number when prompted by the system, taking them to a direct line of help.

Customer Relationship Management

IP-PBX can be integrated into CRM systems, allowing ticketing support, feedback and other service related tools for a better customer experience. This allows synchronized sales, marketing and technical support to be synergized with computer and telephony integration.

Automated Booking Systems

Customers are able to book their appointments using the keypad. The system will issue a code number allowing them to simply key in the date and time.

Case Studies

With a CTI in place, there is a systematic channel where information is processed and
passed down to the relevant sources.

This ensures that there is no room for customers to be left hanging without a channel of support.

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