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Lantone Systems is proud to be Authorised Distributor for Xorcom Asterisk PBX.

The products listed below are some of Xorcom products we offer. If you do not find what you need, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our sales representative will be glad to assist you.

Xorcom's Asterisk PBX systems come in two series, each suiting a different size and/or type of installation:

dot-1 XR Series - Standard IP-PBX

For businesses with standard telephony requirements, where telephone traffic is typically at 40% usage, the XR series provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for three sizes of organizations.

    dot-1 XE Series - Enhanced IP-PBX

    For businesses whose call volumes are higher than 40%, and/or are running additional applications which mandate a more powerful phone system, and/or have stricter policies about networking and reliability, the XE series is the right choice.


    Asterisk Appliances

    XR Series - Standard IP-PBX

    XE Series - Enhanced IP-PBX
    XR3000 XE3000

    XR2000 xe2000

    XR1000 xetwin


    Data Sheets

    Data sheets, providing information about product specifications and capabilities, are available for the following products:

    dot-1 Telephony Modules

    dot-1 IP-PBX Appliances

    We are proud to be the authorized resellers for the following brands:
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