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Chip PC Technologies drives innovation into reality as a global technology leader in desktop virtualization and server-centric computing. Lantone Systems is proud to be the authorized reseller for Chip PC Products.

The products listed below are some of Chip PC products offered. If you do not find the required product that you need, please send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and our sales representative will be glad to assist you.

Jack PC

Just 2 inches/5cm wide - is an innovative patented technology of a Powerover-Ethernet computer embedded inside the network port. Offering an attractive alternative to PCs it highlights manageability, top security and substantial cost savings. Jack PC by Chip PC

bullet Power-over-Ethernet ready
bullet 100% damage and theft proof
bullet 100% data secured
bullet 100% virus immune
bullet 100% remotely managed
bullet Energy saver (3W)
bullet LAN-port integrated
bullet Installable to the wall, furniture or floor



The EX-PC XPD4741 is a top, high-performance Windows Embedded 2009 device with a small foot print and low power consumption, integrating Intel® Atom processor and the robust Xcalibur Global management software.

It is the perfect desktop for users that require high-end functionality, including multiple displays and demanding applications. The XPD4741 is specifically designed for server-based and desktop virtualization environments, supporting PXE boot, multi DVI LCD displays and optional internal wireless solution.

bullet Powerful - powered by Intel Atom based processor
bullet DVI Video - including dual display support
bullet Resolutions - up to 1920 x 1200 px (RB) @ 16M (32 bit) colours
bullet Flexible - runs a wide set of 32 bit clients and applications
bullet Customizable - desktop interface and modular operating system
bullet Plug and Play - fast, easy installation and deployment
bullet Data Integrity - Centralized data storage and backup
bullet Secured - Enchanced write filter protection & file based filter protection
bullet Compact - Weighs as little as 0.6kg; easy to handle, ship, store, and install
bullet Manageable with ChipPC Xcalibur Global XP Client
bullet Microsoft WDS, Altiri Development Solution Supported

Plug PC

Plug PC

Simple, efficient and scalable - The cutting edge linux based thin-client from Chip PC ushers in a new era that will take the virtual desktop and thin client beyond the familiar deskrop experience to the superior.


bullet Miniature, Portable Form Factor
bullet Data Integrity and Security; no security patches required
bullet Powerful Multimedia Capabilities
bullet Flexible, Linux-based OS
bullet Low power consumption
bullet Fully managed via Policy-based, value added Xcalibur Global Management suite
bullet Power by monitor option with Chip PC USB Power Cable
bullet Manage device in any environment (LAN, WAN, remote site)
bullet Run heavy graphical applications in session (AutoCAD, Solid Works, and more)

Xtreme PC

The fastest and smallest thin client on the market today optimized for Server-based computing under windows TS, CITRIX or VMware VDI. The combination of very low power consumption, state of art hardware design and unparalled management software makes the Xtreme PC the thin client choice for enterprises and organizations around the world.Xtreme_PC

Data Security and Integrity
bullet 100% virus immune
bullet 100% remotely managed
bullet Low energy consumption
bullet Latest RDP, ICA and VDI Support
bullet Fully customizable desktop interface

We are proud to be the authorized resellers for the following brands:
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