Channel & Enterprise Integration


A systematic help desk system will ultimately make functional difficulties easier to solve and allow tasks to be carried out in a methodical manner. Our comprehensive help desk will allow for easy usage, easy customization and holistic integration with software tools you rely on to run other aspects of your business.

Have it your way by integrating a personalized Voicemail platform

At Lantone Systems, we are proud to introduce a sophisticated telecommunication platform which will advance your telephony systems. Choose your customized voicemail structure and we'll build it seamlessly for you.

Easily Managed

Our voicemail systems eliminate learning curve difficulties as it can be easily managed by non-programmers due to its user-friendly and streamline interface. In addition, the system is capable of modifying and creating new functions.

Key Features of Voicemail


Setup your voicemail to send an email with MP3 attachments. Voice and Fax applications can effortlessly be constructed by creating mailboxes, assigning individual functions with voice prompts and finally synergizing the two modules together.

Select Language

Our Voicemail database includes a vast range of languages to suit language differences and combat the difficulties in understanding unfamiliar accents.

Automated Answering Capabilities

Using a virtual receptionists to answer calls, eliminates the need for a human receptionist to receive, screen and route calls. You can customize a professionally done main greeting and provide callers with easy access to all departments with the touch of the dial pad.

Alleviate Information Channels

Absolve your staff's time by disseminating common information such as operating hours, office locations, latest corporate news and special promotions via pre-recorded messages.

Case Studies

Effective communication can be easily achieved using minimal internal resources.

The end result is a professional corporate image that's efficient and provides customer satisfaction.Better yet, it won't weigh heavy on your monthly expenses.

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